x Keldar (RETIRED) x



Level 8 (cleric 4, church inquisitor 4)

Domains: luck, travel

Notable abilities

  • can use quicken spell 2 times/day via divine metamagic
  • detects evil at will
  • immune to mind-affecting magic
  • dispels magic at +4 character level

Keldar was a cleric and a recovering hat fetishist. After a dangerous internal struggle, he managed to turn his fascination with hats into a fascination with torture. He became an inquisitor and always had straitjackets available.

Keldar retired from adventuring after the Hall of Harsh Reflections. He became a drug merchant, selling to temples, clerics and worshipers an elixir with the effect of allowing a user to have what seems to be an entirely real interaction with his or her deity. Keldar developed the drug from hallucinogenic paste that the party liberated from the possession of a crazed lizardfolk champion.

x Keldar (RETIRED) x

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