x X Lucian X x - Quest Completed

Broken Class extrodinair


Notable Abilities:

Spontaneous spell casting – Fixed spell list cast from spell slots.

Arcane Channeling: Channel touch attack spells to Melee weapons without provoking attacks of opportunity.

Armored Mage: No chance of arcane spell failure with medium armor or heavy shields.

Overpowering Magic: +2 on spell resistance checks vs. targets I have damaged with melee weapons

Swift Caster: Cast 1 standard action as a Swift spell per day. Access to small number of swift spells.


Life started out rough for Lucian. His maternal mother was a wizard, and the father a warrior. He was never sure how they ended up together, but did know that each in their own ways pushed him to be a wizard or a fighter. Pulling, fighting, and taking out all the marital problems on Lucian. Not wanting to disappoint them, Lucian sought out a fabled Duskblade to teach him the ways of both Sword and Spell. Lucian’s desires were slated in training and battle.

After returning home from a scouting mission in the wilds, Lucian arrived to find his master gone. After searching the wilds for many days, Lucian had no choice but to return to his family. Arriving to his families village, Lucian found nothing but death and havoc. A survivor told Lucian that it was a Black Dragon. Seeking revenge Lucian sought out the dragon, and wound up being captured by the horde after felling many foes.

After killing my greatest foe, I have moved on to find peace in life instead of the danger bound at every corner.

x X Lucian X x - Quest Completed

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