Moto Landler (Missing)

A tall gangly jack of all trades master of none except the lute


Moriarty Topalzck Landon Langrel was born into a small devote Rao community in a downtown neighborhood of Diamond Lake. At the age of seven, Moto was left in the care of his grandmother as his parents left on a two month mission trip into orc country to spread the good word of peace and reason. They sent two letters to Moto and his grandmother. The first of the letters talked enthusiastically about their progress in teaching the savage the ways of reason and peace. The second letter talked cryptically of the end of times and the betting of internal organs in some kind of game of chance. They were never heard of again.

At the age of fourteen, he began working as a lute player in a brothel. While working there, he was living with his religious church-going grandmother and had her convinced that he worked in a barrel factory. Moto’s grandmother eventually found out that he was playing music in a local brothel, and subsequently kicked him out of her house. She forbade him from living at the house telling him the devil was in his music and it would bring his downfall. Moto couldn’t bear to leave the music of the whorehouses and out of love of his grandmother and assumed the stage name of Moto Landler to not bring any more shame onto the family.

Moto eventually escaped the poverty of Diamond Lake and made his way to the Free City with a band of not so jolly adventurers. Moto was confronted by a lady of noble birth who was with child and her dozen men-at-arms he disavowed all knowledge of her and her child and teleported away.

After leaving the relative safety of his friends, Moto was captured, integrated, and beheaded by employees of Loris Raknian. Moto’s severed head was presented to his former party as a warning to stay in line. The party wishing for more information on what befell Moto reincarnated him as an orc. Moto after his change was belligerent and aggressive and magically compelled Badger to retrieve him information about Loris before escaping in a cloud of smoke.

Moto in Latin means motion
A Landler is an Austrian Folk Dance

Moto Landler (Missing)

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