Age of Worms


After dispatching the doppleganger “guards” in the dungeons and setting free two prisoners, the intrepid adventures took a moment to assess their situation. Is it possible that they were a bit hasty in freeing the Elf woman and the lunatic? Is it even possible that one or both prisoners may have been infected with the same parasite that the adventurers are battling? Only time will tell.

The party then left the dungeon and moved deeper into the catacombs of the warehouse in which the dungeon was located. As Sir Cedric prepared to step onto a rickety platform over spike infested waters, Moto put a hand on his shoulder to stop the Crusader. “Maybe we should be a bit more cautious,” he said.

Moto’s plan was a good one. Using his gift for music, he summoned a horde of rats that swarmed the basement area, with the hope of alerting the party to any unseen foes lurking within the murky waters. While the rats seemed to turn up nothing, the party’s luck would not hold. Upon moving onto the platform, they were attacked by an invisible assailant.

While the majority of the party did its best to fend off the invisible attacker, Cedric used his great strength to hack through the stone wall into an adjoining room. Cedric entered the room, expecting his allies to follow, but was surprised to find that Moto managed to turn the invisible fiend visible, thus making the battle a fair fight. Before Cedric could make it to the battle, his allies had dispatched the foe.

Cedric and Lucian then bravely jumped into a shaft in the room that was nearly filled with water. After swimming out about 60 feet, they came face to face with a giant octopus, quite similar to the one on the warehouse’s sign. Lucian, realizing that the two were clearly outmatched in this environment, swam to the surface, pulling Cedric behind him.

The shaft in the floor was momentarily forgotten when Lucian discovered a secret passage at the top of the stairs. The stairs opened up into catwalk above a warehouse. Charging ahead, Cedric, discovered a rotting ladder the hard way but he floated to safely to ground with his magic ring. While Ronnie somersaults past him landing on her feet with her two scimitars drawn and at the ready.

The warehouse to all outside appearances was empty but for a few crates. The party not being ones to overlook the possibility of treasure proceeded to search the boxes. Dastardly disguised as crates were three Mimics who grabbed Lucian and Cedric in a sticky crushing embrace. Ronnie was also quickly sucked up into the gluey mess as Keldar flew up to the ceiling and invoked the weapon of his faith to attack one of the mimics. Moto in a bit of luck was missed by the mimics gooey embrace and managed to tumble into an adjoining office while muttering a quick sleeping song and coaxed Lucian’s mimic to slumber. Lucian teleported to the ceiling and uttered the incantation of flying. Ronnie and Cedric hammered the mimic from within the glue and Lucian blasted it with arcane might. The mimics were subdued and the sleeping mimic was dispatched. Lucian found the front door to the warehouse and instead of fleeing the scene it was decided the party would wait in ambush for their jailers.

In the morning after no jailer returned, the party thoughts returned to the octopus and it was decided that in order to fight the octopus on its own turf, a great deal of magic would be necessary. Moto, Keldar, and Lucian all pooled their magical abilities to prepare Ronnie, Lucian, and Sir Cedric for combat, after which the three promptly dove into the shaft to face the foul creature. Alas, no glory was to be had for Cedric or Lucian that day, for the brave Ronnie briskly swam towards the creature, dispatching it in a flurry of swordplay before anyone could tell what had happened. It is quite possible that, as they say, the spirit of Merla the Mighty lives on in this exotic warrior.

27 February 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 3
Sir Cedric, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Continuation of the encounter with the invisible stalker. Moto cast glitterdust in a most useful display of his bardic powers, and the beast lost its primary advantage. Lucian swiftly dispatched the sparkling stalker.
  • Underwater encounter, part I. Upon investigation, the well in the corner room had a rope ladder leading down. Lucian and Cedric descended and discovered a large water-filled cavern with, and this was no minor point, a giant octopus. They returned to the surface. Cedric said he was not prepared to fight the octopus at the moment, which Keldar found a little odd because Cedric had always before charged recklessly into battle.
  • Encounter in the warehouse. The party returned to the cell room and checked the stairs. Lucian found a secret door at the top, and many congratulations and a good handjob were offered to him. The secret door led to a loft over the floor of the warehouse where the party was taken. Boxes and barrels decorated the otherwise empty space. The party members searched for hidden treasure and unhappily witnessed three barrels morph into mimics. Cedric and Lucian were surprised and held in place by sticky slime, and Rannveig soon succumbed as well. Keldar cast a quickened fly, rose to the ceiling, and called forth a spiritual weapon while Moto cast deep slumber and forced Lucian’s mimic to relax its grip. Lucian, to Keldar’s amazement, then teleported up to the ceiling, invoked his power of flight, and unleashed fire and destruction upon the mimics.
  • Underwater encounter, part II. After resting, the party returned to the corner room with the well and prepared to fight the giant octopus. Keldar cast water breathing on Cedric, Lucian and Rannveig and fly on Rannveig. The battle was short. Severed tentacles drifted away as Rannveig unleashed four attacks in a flurry of death.
  • Encounter with a tentacle. Moto, waiting with Keldar for the results of the battle, saw a tentacle emerge from the well and sweep toward him. We’d better leave, he told Keldar. A dripping Cedric then appeared out of the well, grinning broadly and holding a severed tentacle. END OF SESSION.
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