Age of Worms

Under the City

30 May 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 7
Badger, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Encounter with a spirit naga. The party entered a cavern with a glowing green pool. Coiled next to the pool was a large snakelike creature, seemingly asleep. The party won a surprise round and used it: Badger conjured a 25-foot ball of web around the naga, Lucian set loose Bigby’s striking fist, Keldar evoked a spiritual weapon, and Moto created an illusory spider as a distraction. The naga charmed Rannveig with its gaze attack and launched a fireball at the party, but that was all it had time to do.
  • Drow brawl, part I. The party proceeded to another, larger cavern and saw two of the dark elves on a ledge, bows in hand, and four with rapiers on the ground. Commanding them was a priestess of Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders. The drow advanced on Rannveig and Lucian. Moto blinded a bow-wielding elf, and Badger conjured four stinking clouds, nauseating the priestess and one of her soldiers. In the fracas, Badger and Moto teleported across the cavern and Lucian cast touch of idiocy on the priestess, reducing her intelligence, wisdom, and charisma scores by five points each. “I made her stupid,” Lucian said.
  • Drow brawl, part II. The priestess, who had moved to a side of the cavern to wait out her nausea, decided in desperation to cast a spell. Lucian killed her with an attack of opportunity. The remaining dark elves were dispatched; one met a frothy end when it was torn to pieces by a dire ape summoned by Keldar.
  • Encounter with a surface elf, two humans, and a man without a clue. A gated area was off to a side of the cavern. Inside were four prisoners and four dead bodies with neatly drilled holes in their heads. Badger opened the gate and started what turned out to be a long conversation with the man. The man, who did at first impart some useful information about the cause of the holed heads, made increasingly insistent and annoying demands for immediate safety and an escort to freedom. Understandable, Keldar thought, but demonstrating a certain obliviousness to the dangers still present in the cavern complex. The party had enough and kept the prisoners in the cell.
  • Beware the glow. The party entered a narrow hallway with a glowing purple symbol on the floor. A trap, the party thought. Moto summoned three rat swarms. As one swarm crossed the symbol, it was vaporized by a blast of acid from the ceiling. Lucian and Keldar identified the symbol as a glyph of warding. It did not reset or otherwise present further danger.
  • Encounter with three octopins. The party proceeded through the hallway and entered a rectangular chamber with a marble door at one end. The octopins slowed Rannveig, Badger, and Moto with gaze attacks, but Moto, again showing his versatility, cast haste to counter the effect. Badger called forth a favorite conjuration, Evard’s black tentacles, and captured two of the octopins in crushing and eventually fatal grapples. Rannveig killed the third. END OF SESSION.



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