Age of Worms

The Lair

10 July 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 9
Badger, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Encounter with the mind flayer, part I. The party opened a door in the vrock room and entered a long hallway with a frieze of mind flayer “horrific whores,” as Badger described it. Keldar did not ask how Badger was familiar with whores, much less horrific whores. The party proceeded to the end of the hallway, opened a door, and saw the much-hated mind flayer floating five feet above a pool.
  • Encounter with the mind flayer, part II. Badger again took advantage of a strong initiative roll and conjured Evard’s black tentacles around the mind flayer, which disappeared into the writhing appendages after a lost grapple check. Keldar cast protection from evil on Lucian in the hopes of preventing the mind flayer’s mind blast from stunning him, but the magic was ineffective. Lucian and Rannveig were stunned.
  • Encounter with the mind flayer, part III. Two octopins suddenly appeared at the door. Moto, keenly aware of the damage inflicted by the large octopin the party had barely defeated, invoked his bardic powers and made the octopins insane. Badger created a wall of sand across the mind flayer to burden its attempts at escaping the grapple and to eventually suffocate it. Temporarily shaking off their insanity, the octopins attacked the stunned Rannveig.
  • Encounter with the mind flayer, part IV. Moto created an illusory stone wall in front of the octopins in the hopes of delaying their advance, but they were not fooled. Badger, seeing his companion in distress, teleported Rannveig away from the octopins, who, apparently frustrated by that turn of events, succumbed to their insanity and drooled. A dire bat summoned by Keldar appeared in the air above the mind flayer and connected with a critical hit.
  • Encounter with the mind flayer, part V. The octopins again demonstrated their baffled minds; one fled and the other drooled. Keldar summoned a dire ape above Rannveig and Lucian and quickly touched it with a fly spell. The dire ape flew over the mind flayer and slashed it with a claw, adding to damage inflicted by the hovering dire bat. The mind flayer escaped the tentacles’ grip only to find itself struck by the bat and shredded by the dire ape, which tore off the mind flayer’s head and sent the wriggling orb in the precise trajectory needed to hit Lucian. The octopins, still insane, attacked each other and went down with the help of the party.
  • Baby killing. The pool above which the mind flayer was floating was discovered to contain baby mind flayers. They all died by Badger’s hand.
  • Revelations. The party found a small room behind a secret door discovered by Rannveig. Inside was a note indicating that Loris Raknian had hired the mind flayer to kill the party – for what reason, the note did not say – and a ledger with the mind flayer’s business transactions. One transaction was for the delivery of documents called the Apostolic Scrolls to Raknian.
  • Another meeting with Eligos. After collecting the numerous magic items in the cavern complex, including a +2 unholy dagger, the party returned to the surface and met with Eligos at his home. If Raknian had the Apostolic Scrolls, he was almost certainly involved in the cult of Kyuss, which was trying to bring forth Kyuss and his undead kingdom, Eligos said. The Apostolic Scrolls were rumored to have been written by Kyuss himself about an undead creature known as an ulgurstasta.
  • Visitor. Eligos’s butler told the party that a woman by the name of Celeste had stopped at the home and inquired about the party. She did not leave any contact information. END OF SESSION.



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