Age of Worms

Fishing for Trouble

10 June 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 8
Badger, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Encounter with a brain. The marble doors in the octopin room were barred from the inside, but Lucian forced them open with his crowbar with the assistance of Rannveig and Keldar. Beyond the doors was a domed oval room with a large, throbbing purple brain surrounded by four benches with integrated manacles. No sooner had Rannveig entered the room to search for traps when a psychic blast of dominate person emanated from the brain and enthralled her. She cheerfully sat on a bench and manacled herself. Lucian, a great admirer of Rannveig and her Merla-like spirit, received a protection from evil ward from Keldar and entered the room to rescue his companion. After pondering various options, he dragged the bench and with it the chained Rannveig out of the room. Lucian reentered the room and began to smash the brain. It was soon reduced to rubble. Moto applied his skill at opening locks, and Rannveig was free of both brain and chains.
  • Fishing for trouble, part I. A short flight of stairs led up to an oddly shaped room with a table, laboratory equipment, a bookshelf, a fine collection of books, and a cylindrical tank containing murky water. Moto and Badger, perhaps in need of a relaxing break after the previous encounter, retrieved their fishing rods and cast the lines into the cylinder. Nothing… nothing… Moto hooks! The tube shattered and the water flooded the room, revealing an octopin larger than any the party had yet seen.
  • Fishing for trouble, part II. Lucian, Rannveig, Badger, and Moto were slowed by the octopin’s gaze. Moto, as he did before, cast haste to counter the effect, but the octopin attacked Badger with its tentacles, leaving him dying on the floor. Lucian empowered his sword with blade of blood and cast obscuring mist for concealment, Rannveig was again slowed but managed to damage the octopin, and Keldar summoned a huge fiendish centipede between the octopin and the party. The centipede grappled the octopin. Briefly. The octopin broke free and lashed at the two nearest party members, removing 36 hit points from Lucian and 30 from Rannveig.
  • Fishing for trouble, part III. This could be bad, Keldar thought. But the octopin had done its worst. Moto summoned an unseen servant to drag Badger, who had stabilized at -9 hit points, out of the octopin’s threatening reach. Keldar contributed a spiritual weapon to the fight and restored some of Badger’s vitality with a cure spell. The battle ended when Rannveig’s swirling weapons sliced into the octopin with a critical hit.
  • Spying on an old girlfriend. A door opened into a short hallway ending in a small round room. A pool of calm water was in the center of the room, and Moto, deciding that fishing was an enjoyable pastime, again dipped his line in the water. Nothing… nothing… zip. Can’t land a keeper every time, Moto thought, and he summoned two rat swarms to test the pool for unsavory effects. Result: a horde of wet but otherwise peppy rats. Rannveig discovered that the pool was a scrying pool, capable of showing real-time images of any location personally visited by the viewer in the past. Badger decided to view his old girlfriend’s bedroom, presumably the location of many gnomish pleasures, but saw nothing titillating. In an alcove beyond the pool were three statues of a deity whose portfolio clearly included mental domination.
  • Encounter with a vrock, part I. The party returned to the laboratory room and climbed another short flight of stairs. Marble doors at the top opened into a room full of disturbing objects, including a chained tome, assorted humanoid parts, and a statue of a vrock. Moto determined that the statue had a binding spell upon it. He touched the statue, and the vrock was free.
  • Encounter with a vrock, part II. Badger’s quick reaction allowed him to create a cloud of bewilderment around the vrock, who used an at-will ability to teleport behind Badger. Lucian slashed the vrock with his sword and released a shocking grasp. The sword did little damage, and the electricity did nothing. Damage resistance and immunities, thought Keldar. Badger conjured a stinking cloud, and the vrock again teleported away before returning to emit a unholy screech. Rannveig and Moto were stunned. Keldar remembered from his studies that a lantern archon, one of his summonable allies, had a light ray that ignored any damage reduction, and he called one to the battle.
  • Encounter with a vrock, part III. The lantern archon proved effective against the vrock, and Keldar summoned another one with the last of his fourth-level spells. The vrock created eight mirror images of itself, confusing the party, and released toxic spores from its body. During the long, frenzied battle, the party managed to hit all eight of the mirror images without once connecting with the real vrock. But it was then exposed to the archons’ rays and fell prone when Badger conjured grease under it. It eventually tried to stand, and Rannveig seized the opportunity to land her second critical hit of the day and end the demon’s existence. END OF SESSION.



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