House Rules

1. Death and dying.

A character dies once he or she reaches his or her negative Con score. This replaces the usual -10 rule.

2. Encumbrance.

Encumbrance rules will not be enforced unless the DM finds that a character is doing or is attempting to do something ridiculous.

Example: A character does something ridiculous when he or she carries two rowboats as standard adventuring gear.

3. New characters.

In the event of character death or replacement, the new character enters the game at the same level as the rest of the party. Any gear the old character had that the party does not take is given its full gold piece value. This is the amount of gold the player has to equip his or her new character.

4. Action points.

Action points will be given out by the DM to players who help with the wiki, keep track of treasure, or do anything else the DM finds funny, interesting, or generally beneficial to the game.

A player may spend an action point to reroll or to automatically stabilize his or her dying character.

In addition, a player may give an action point to another player at any time.

5. Magic item creation.

The creation of magic items is governed by the rules found in the Pathfinder system. The basic rules can be found here.

Essentially, a character no longer needs to spend XP to create magic items, only time and gold.

House Rules

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