Behind the Scenes

This wiki tracks the gaming-table events of six friends – five players and the DM – as they play through the Age of Worms adventure path, published by Pazio in monthly installments. The adventures, 12 in all, originally appeared in the now-defunct print version of Dungeon.

The group started the first adventure, The Whispering Cairn, in September 2008 and has since met about once a month for four hours or so per session, with the occasional all-day event. Nearly two years to the day after the first session, the group finished the fourth adventure, The Hall of Harsh Reflections.

Four completed adventures in two years. At this rate, the group will conclude the Age of Worms in 2014. Not the speediest of schedules, perhaps, but the group – whose members all have jobs and, between them, four marriages, four kids, and six postgraduate degrees – plays as much as it can.

The current adventure is A Gathering of Winds. The characters are eleventh level.

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Behind the Scenes

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