Half-orc druid


Notable abilities:

He is a druid! He has special abilities that are more powerful than entire classes!

Also, he has a feat that allows him to wild shape into aberration forms. Want a giant floating brain? Prefer a small spongy blob? He’s got it covered.


Grimslade – Grim to his friends – was in boar form one day and was searching for truffles, one of his favorite treats, when he felt a sharp pain in his left side. He saw an arrow sticking out of him, its polished shaft pointing directly to a grinning elf.

Grim felt conflicted. On one hoof, he normally would kill any creature so impertinent as to shoot him with an arrow. On a second hoof, the elf probably had no idea he had just wounded a half-orc druid. And elves in general were not all that bad in caring for nature, Grim thought.

Grim resumed his normal form. The elf lowered his bow. A friendship began.

Lucian decided to return to his village after his scouting mission was complete and invited Grim to accompany him. But the village was gone, its families shattered, the result of an attack by a black dragon. Amid the death and destruction, Lucian vowed revenge and Grim, seeing his shaken friend, vowed to help.

In the struggles that followed, Grim and Lucian became separated. Grim looked for the elf for days without success, but in the process he met a kindred spirit – Grund, a barbarian who had an ability to assume the form of a bear.

The travels of Grim and Grund took them to the Free City, where they found Lucian in the company of a battle-scarred group. Keldar, one of Grim’s numerous cousins, was a member of the group, which would have surprised Grim but for the rumors he had heard of the hat-wearing cleric’s presence in the area.

Grim took Keldar’s place in the party to continue the search for the black dragon.


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