Age of Worms

Tirade of Profanity and Spittle

23 May 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 6
Badger, Sir Cedric, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Keldar’s puzzlement. Keldar didn’t feel quite like himself. In fact, for a while, he felt like another person was controlling him, and he had only a vague memory of what happened.
  • Continuation of the encounter with the mind flayer. The illithid stripped raw the minds of the party, leaving only Keldar and Lucian unstunned. Cackling in a maniacal laughter, the mind flayer shifted away confident in his victory. The wicked drow, in a cowardly attack, beat on the helpless Cedric and Rannveig. One of the drow flooded the area with a darkness that overwhelmed all light until Keldar summoned an Archon of pure light and had it dispel the darkness with its radiant presence. Lucian threw bolt after bolt of arcane fire down on the drow while Keldar gathered the righteous power of his cause smote the drow with his morning star until braining the last one.
  • Encounter with an ooze. Through luck, the party spotted the nearly translucent cube of ooze before walking into it. Moto attempted to manipulate the mind of the ooze but was unsuccessful as the mind of the ooze was too primitive to mold. The party stood firm as the ooze approached, only to have it overrun Cedric and Keldar and paralyze them in its viscous flesh. Lucian continued as an elder god of old with sword and spell until the ooze dissipated and Cedric and Keldar were saved from being dinner.
  • Meeting with Eligos. The party decided to leave the sewers and find the mysterious, red-haired Eligos. He did not prove to be too helpful, although he did say that dimensional anchor would be a very useful spell in an encounter with a mind flayer. He knew nothing about the doppelganger plan to replace key individuals in the city.
  • Meeting with Badger. The party went to a tavern to spend the night and was approached by a gruffy gnome. “You can call me Badger,” he said. He told a story about a king, the king’s son, worm infestations, and a royal mission to discover more about the worms. He asked to join the party. The party was unconvinced and questioned him about his usefulness in battle. Badger eventually launched into a tirade of profanity and spittle, accusing the party of plotting to jump him. Such an approach was odd for someone who wanted to join the party, Keldar thought. But his fears were dispelled when Badger agreed to a battle with a celestial bison to show the party what he could do. Badger invoked his battlefield magic, and the bison was sent back to its plane of existence without even being able to move. Badger was welcomed into the party.
  • Cedric’s departure. Cedric left to atone for his sins in the eyes of Kord. Keldar wondered if he would ever see him again.
  • A local officer of the peace questioned the party when removing a heavy sewer grate. His sense of duty wavered on the honeyed lips of Moto’s flexible truth, and he bid them pass and prayed for proper paper work on their next encounter.
  • Back to the sewers. The party went back to the sewers in search of the mind flayer’s lair. The party discovered a natural cavern with an entrance coated with yellow mold, some of it poisonous, and flanked by shriekers. A silence rendered the shriekers mute, and Rannveig located a safe path through the poisonous mold.
  • Encounter with three drow elves. The dark ones were hidden on a ledge down the tunnel and surprised most of the party. Rannveig and Lucian killed two, and the third blew a horn before succumbing to the righteous fury of the party. END OF SESSION.



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