Age of Worms

Mind Behind the Thralls

24 April 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 5
Sir Cedric, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Emergence from the confusion. The party members now knew who they thought was Cedric had actually been a doppelganger since the real Cedric had the private meeting with Duncan. The real Cedric, or at least what appeared to be the real Cedric, was bound in the octagonal room. But the party didn’t release him quite yet. It searched the barracks and the room behind the last unopened door in the hallway, which was filled with maps and papers that clearly indicated that the doppelgangers had started to methodically replace key individuals in the city. Who, exactly, was not revealed. The party returned to the octagonal room, smashed the mirrors, and released Cedric. The party was suspicious of another trick, but Cedric was Cedric.
  • Clothing escapade. The party discussed whether to rest before continuing. Keldar was nearly out of spells and announced that he was resting whether anyone joined him or not. Eight hours later, Keldar awoke to discover that his pants were on Cedric’s head.
  • Encounter in a maze. The party discovered a secret door in the octagonal room. The door opened into a short hallway, which led to a large rectangular room with a mirrored maze. Cedric was in no mood for a maze after his doppelganger adventure, so he started smashing the mirrored walls with his adamantine weapon. As he went forward, a wall emerged from the floor behind him, and he was attacked by two doppelgangers who looked just like him. Lucian observed that it was quite easy to distinguish the doppelgangers because they did not have a “big-ass falchion” like Cedric did. Keldar added that his pants were not being worn by either doppelganger. The doppelgangers died in a timely manner.
  • Encounter with Allustan. Or, rather, a doppelganger who looked like Allustan. The party wasn’t fooled for a second. The battle began ignominiously as the doppelganger tossed a fireball at the party, but it was thereafter nothing but shifter kick-ass. Lucian and Rannveig attacked the doppelganger as Keldar cast silence on the area to eliminate spell use. The doppelganger turned into an orc barbarian and went “freakin’ nuts” on Lucian, who calmly grappled and pinned it. Rannveig ran in a circle, gathering her power, and delivered a massive, fatal blow to the pinned doppelganger. As for Cedric, he fell in a spiked pit, clambered out, and was thereupon stabbed with a spear from the ceiling.
  • Discoveries. The doppelganger had a symbol on his forehead with which no party member was familiar. In the room were test tubes and a machine with a silver helmet, in which Cedric recalled being placed after he was kidnapped. He destroyed the machine in a rage. The doppelganger was sitting on a throne when the party arrived. A search revealed a button under the throne, which when pushed revealed a secret door leading to a small chamber. The chamber had a magical rug with flowing patterns and a magical mirror. The party covered the mirror, fearing that it was a scrying mirror, and took it and everything else in the chamber.
  • Encounter with a mind flayer. The party returned to the stone pillar. Waiting in a secret passage were two drow soldiers and a mind flayer. The mind flayer had the same symbol as the one on alt-Allustan. END OF SESSION.



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