Age of Worms

Summary of why not to play this adventure

do not play, sucks, horrible, wtf

A short summary of the past couple years. For that matter, of this entire adventure. To be fair, it started out really good, but after 14 levels of the following, …

Hey! Come here, can you go find out something about worms? My friend who is more powerful than me is in another city/town/temple/forest/mirror and can help you!

Travel to city/town/temple/forest/mirror — hey, you can’t find the person because they are dead, imprissoned, at a different location, but there are worms here! Someone else can help you find the person you are looking for, but complete my really vague fucking task. Like, she might be in the heavily guarded palace (lets go) but there are not actual details on it for the GM (because who would go where there are hints for the story line)

So there are more worms, some crazy air plane monsters, an annoying ass invisible spider, into the depths of a cave, or something, undead stuff every where, and after a few years… we start back at the beginning. To be told… I have a friend in another city that you should talk to. Now, I know what you’re thinking.. we should care about these undead worm things that seem to be everywhere, but really? Another city? Ok fine. Get to new city. I can help you, if you find my missing brother – he went though this magic mirror to a temple in the middle of no where.



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