Age of Worms


I made a note to myself to never, ever, ever, ever piss Ronnie off. I know some magic was at work, but I’m not even sure myself what happened. We protected ourselves to the best of our abilities, and Ronnie in less than a second charged the great water creature dismembering it before I could even I could react.

We found a column under water leading up to a stone platform and a door. Upon the top of the column was a lever, and oh do I so love to pull random levers without knowing what they do. While the party tried to figure it out, I swam to the bottom and found that the column should be able to drop down below the water’s floor. A vacuum, or possibly a counter weight to something…

With this information, I decided it best to not pull the lever and to go exploring. This is where everything started to get really really confusing. Dopplegangers. Why did it have to be these annoying pest of a race. Cedric asks if I can ‘handle’ one of them while he checks on the next door. Pff, as if he has to ask. I dispatched the first, allowed Ronnie the second, and so on until we came upon a very strange octagonal glowing room. Inside? The party members in chains. What the hell, when did they get replaced by dopplegangers? Was it while I was in prison, or when we got transferred from the prison cell to the warehouse? They charged and screamed that Ronnie was the impostor, then it was Keldar that was the impostor. Cedric attacked Ronnie without warning. I didn’t like the situation… who was who?

When in doubt, start lighting things on Fire. I tried to torch Cedric, and the ‘Fake’ Ronnie. They were just too believable though. Cedric was incapacitated by Moto the Mystical Bard, so I teleported him out of the way, closed the door, and tried to figure things out. Eventually the door burst in on me, and out walked the ‘Fake/Real’ Ronnie and Keldar. After realizing that they were only trying to attack with their fists did I dispatch them all. Sure enough, Dopplegangers.

Standing in the doorway, I realized that the only doppleganger left was that of Cedric. But something was wrong, it was sleeping and still shackled. I finally had the best of it. Cedric is the only one to have been separated from the group. Taking a drink with that damnable merchant. Drugged and replaced from the start by Dopplegangers. We dispatched the fake, and rescued our companion.

13 March 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 4
Sir Cedric, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Stone pillar. After the battle with the giant octopus, Cedric, Lucian and Rannveig saw a stone pillar rising from the floor of the cavern. Eventually the entire party reached the top of the pillar, which was out of the water and had a large metal lever. The party was tempted to pull the lever but, showing uncharacteristic restraint, did not. Instead, Lucian went back under the water and discovered that the pillar seemed able to descend beneath the bottom of the cavern. With a pull of the lever, perhaps?
  • Six-door hallway. At the top of the pillar, the party saw a stone platform leading to a door and, on the opposite side, a tunnel with a grate. The party opened the door and entered a hallway with six doors. One door was on the far left. Keldar, following the convention of always going left if given the choice, proceeded to the left door and fell down a 60-foot pit with a distinct lack of dignity. Lucian, the ever-present elf, flew down the pit and retrieved Keldar. The left door, by the way, was a fake door.
  • Encounter in the barracks. Rannveig heard talking behind the fourth of the five remaining doors. Two doppelgangers were inside and were killed, but not before one of them pounded loudly on the wall between what was then obviously another barracks-type room. The party proceeded to the rooms behind the two doors to the left and dispatched more doppelgangers. Then things started to get strange.
  • Illusory wall. The party opened the next door to the left and found an oddly shaped room. Keldar, who can spot illusions merely by seeing them, discovered that the room was oddly shaped because one of the walls was illusory. Past the illusion was another door.
  • Confusion in the Free City! The party members opened the door and found an octagonal room with mirrored walls. In the center of the room sat five struggling figures who looked exactly like the party members. At that moment, Keldar realized that at least one party member was a doppelganger. Alt-Rannveig and alt-Keldar starting yelling that Rannveig and Keldar were doppelgangers. Cedric declared that he believed alt-Rannveig and attacked Rannveig, after which Moto cast deep slumber on Cedric as a test for determining whether he was a doppelganger, for experience had shown that sleep spells would not work on doppelgangers. Cedric fell asleep. After a few seconds of relative calm, however, the situation spun out of control. Alt-Keldar attacked Moto. Alt-Rannveig attacked Keldar. The party fought back. Alt-Keldar, alt-Rannveig, alt-Lucian and alt-Moto were dead or dying when Cedric, supposedly asleep, attacked the party and revealed, upon his death, that he was a doppelganger. END OF SESSION.



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