Age of Worms

Accusations of Murder

Cedric, Keldar, Lucian, Moto, Rannveig -

After concluding guild business to partake in the tourney, the group returned with me to the Inn for a night off. The relaxation was rudely interrupted by a group of city guards.

The guards openly accused us of murder, and mandated our surrender. Like hell! Yet, it is a big city, with a garrison at our backs, it would have been exceedingly difficult for me to run alone.

The guards were quick to assault our bard, and Lucian would not stand for that. Lucian has better things to be doing, but the bard has treated him kindly. The rest of the party, in hopes of clearing their names, surrendered to the guards. Moto & the cleric tried to reason logic to these peons, but alas it was not ment to be. Who cares of communing with the dead, or casting truth spells…

A night in jail was fruitless to garner any information about the situation, and the group was brought to a warehouse to "commune with the spirit / what ever evil cleric spells they do / " and we summarily were abandoned in a new jail cell.

Rannveig was capable in her performance of picking the locks, but we were caught unaware by two dopplegangers from another cell. No one else seemed to care about the lone Elf, but I felt her more important than the raving lunatic.

The Elf seeming to not care about the other party members, still decided to award a pendant to Rannveig for picking the lock, even though there was no words spoken.

We …

7 February 2010
The Hall of Harsh Reflections, session 2
Sir Cedric, Keldar, Lucian, Moto Landler, Rannveig

  • Cedric rejoins the party. Cedric and Duncan emerged from their private meeting at Duncan’s residence. Keldar, always suspicious of Cedric and more so now, examined Cedric for any sign that he was under the influence of spells, drugs, or worms. Spellcraft and heal checks revealed nothing. “You’re all great!” Duncan said as the party left for the Crooked House for an evening of drinking.
  • Encounter with four city guards at the Crooked House. The guards asked the party about Duncan, said that he had been found dead, and accused the party of complicity in Duncan’s death. The party’s explanations and protestations did not please the guards, who informed the party members that they would be taken to jail. A scuffle ensued, and the sergeant of the guards skewered Moto in the stomach. The party was shocked by such a brazen assault of a peaceful bard and quickly debated its options. “If you beat us up,” the sergeant said, “we’ll leave and come back with more guards.” The party decided to surrender and was taken to a city jail.
  • Questioning. Moto and Keldar were separately questioned about Duncan. Moto suggested the use of a speak with dead spell to discover the identity of the killer(s). The guards were disgusted with the suggestion and returned Moto to his cell. Keldar also suggested the use of magic, this time a zone of truth spell, and was promptly insulted by the guards and returned to his cell.
  • Jail. The next morning, the party members were were taken to a warehouse that had on it a symbol resembling an octopus. The party members were placed in cells in a small room. Also in the cells were Ilya (elvish female), Martal and Regim (human males) and a crazy guy. The guards left, and Rannveig soon opened her cell door. Cedric, Lucian, and Moto joined her outside the cells. Keldar, lawful neutral and of the opinion that the city’s judicial process should be respected, refused to leave his cell.
  • Encounter in the cell room. Martal and Regim pushed open their cell door and attacked the party for no apparent reason. They suffered violent deaths at the hands of Rannveig and Cedric but not before Rannveig called Keldar the “asshole cleric who won’t heal anyone.” Principles, Rannveig. Principles.
  • Revelation! When they died, Martal and Regim lost their human appearance and became decidedly smooth and gray. Doppelgangers. The events of the past two days were suddenly called into question. Was Duncan in fact dead? Were the guards at the Crooked House in fact city guards? Would Keldar conclude that principles have no place in adventuring?
  • Goodbye. The party freed Ilya, who gave Rannveig a periapt of health and disappeared up the stairs in the room. The crazy guy followed her, babbling incoherently.
  • Encounter with an invisible stalker. The party decided to open the door in the cell room on the same level as the cells, revealing an L-shaped room with brackish water and wooden planks. Moto summoned a rat swarm and sent it into the room, and soon there were dead rats impaled on what turned out to be spikes in the water. Lucian decided that he wanted no part of the water and the spikes and flew into the room where, for his trouble, he was whacked by something invisible. Cedric, turning his mighty strength to a wall in the room, hacked through and discovered a corner room with a well. END OF SESSION.



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